2017 április

26ápr. - 5nov.Egész nap„IGE-IDŐK” Jubilee Exhibition in the Hungarian National Museum(Egész nap) Budapest, Múzeum krt. 14-16, 1088


Esemény részletei

If written as one word, the Hungarian word “igeidők” would only refer to the trinity of past, present and future known from grammar. Since the word is written with a hyphen, it is obvious that we (also) refer to something else, something (also) in a figurative sense.

We refer to Reformation, which connects the past (its history), the present (its ever-present and unavoidable achievements) and the future (its spirit and opportunities). We refer to the prayer, which not only expresses action, events and existence – although Reformation may be told within this trinity as well – but also alludes to the word of God, the Bible. The jubilee exhibition IGE-IDŐK is realised in a broad co-operation and it is not only a historical, cultural historical, media historical event but also an occurrence which makes us aware that the gains of Reformation are an integral part of everybody’s life. Therefore the curators intend to use several instruments. IGE-IDŐK is a traditional exhibition using hubs with new approaches and digital museum technology. It intends to provide us with background information, interpretations and entertainment through its publications – catalogues in a style of a handbook, family study booklets, guides – and side-events. The museum pedagogues will make it all come to life for the students as well. As a travelling exhibition it will reach the smaller settlements and rural towns in the Carpathian basin as well. The Hungarian National Museum – as the first autonomous national and cultural institution – is a worthy location for this exhibition using a new approach by focusing on self-reflection in place of self-representation. An international round-table discussion (Politics and Confession) will be organized during the opening of the exhibition. The participants are looking for answers to the questions of what the Protestant faith has given in their profession and what Protestantism is today in Europe.


április 26 (Szerda) - November 5 (Vasárnap)


Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum

Budapest, Múzeum krt. 14-16, 1088