25 August

After the official opening ceremony of the Hungarian days in Wittenberg on Thursday, the full day program series started on 25 August from 10 o’clock in the morning with a short sightseeing tour guided by Gyula Makoviczky, Evangelical pastor from Nagykanizsa and Professor dr. József Makovitzky. At the same time, the academic theological conference in German language started in the Wittenberg College (Colleg Wittenberg), which lasted from 10 o’clock in the morning to 5 o’clock in the afternoon, where ­– representing Hungary – Sándor Előd Ősz pastor, Botond Kertész church historian and János Ugrai, senior lecturer of the University of Miskolc held their presentations.

Of course, additional programs started during the conference. One of the main program elements on 25 August happened at half past five in the afternoon, which was the arrival of the Evangelical motorists in front of the Stadtkirche of Wittenberg, and many spectators gathered for this to the square located next to the town church. Approximately 30 Evangelical motorists arrived here, who drove nearly one thousand kilometres to roll into Wittenberg, the city of Reformation, on this day. The team, whose entrance was not only spectacular, but also very noisy, started off on Monday, 21 August from the hunting lodge in Sopron. Of course, no one was annoyed by the noise made by high-performance motocycles, everyone celebrated them as one man. At the occasion of their arrival, Péter Gáncs, President-Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary and Dr. Károly Hafenscher, State Commissioner of the Reformation Memorial Committee greeted them. After this, the attendees who gathered on the square and the motorists sang together the hymn ‘A Mighty Fortress Is Our God’, while standing next to each other and holding up the Hungarian flag.

This uplifting moment was followed, from six o’clock in the afternoon, the concert of Liszt Ferenc award-winner organist László Fassang between the walls of the Stadtkirche, who performed from the legendary Robertsbridge Codex and pieces from Johann Sebastian Bach with his own improvisations. Dr. Károly Hafenscher, State Commissioner of the Reformation Memorial Committee also attended the event and said a welcome speech, and remembered Martin Luther. As he said, music was important for the famous reformer too, since, as he put it, music can expel the wicked and the evil. Music is a gift of God. Tonight, this gift will be presented by world famous organist, László Fassang.

25 August was concluded with a great dinner together in the Domzelt, that is, dome tent, located in the Luther garden, where exquisite dishes were accompanied by the performance of the Közel band. Hungarian days in Wittenberg will continue on Saturday, and we will give our report of it at the official website of the Reformation Memorial Committee.