The teachers and pastors of Immánuel Home and School, Debrecen created the ‘Take it and Read’ publication containing easily understandable Biblical messages for the 500th anniversary of Reformation.

Zsófia Győri, Director of the Home for children with multiple disabilities said on the launch on Thursday at the Home that they had created a Biblical publication that may be understood by those for whom reading, writing, and comprehension are issues. She added that they made sure that the message Biblical thoughts worded with simple words, basic sentences, and pictures does not differ from the originals. Mentally disabled people helped them with this task, who continuously commented on the text and graphics during the work, as co-creators. Zsolt Nyitrai, the Prime Minister’s Commissioner for Social Relations underlined: this “unique book was written in the language of love”, and contains easily understandable and important Biblical messages. He recalled that thanks to Reformation, the printing of Hungarian-language Bibles had a part in making the Hungarian language stronger, and that basic education could spread in the country. Reformation also meant that “every man is equally important”, he said, mentioning equal opportunities, solidarity, the “nothing about us without us” principle and the importance of dialogue. Zsolt Nyitrai thanked that the Church’s role in the social sector doubled in the last six years.
Károly Hafenscher, State Commissioner of the Reformation Memorial Committee called the launch of the illustrated publication taking 30 sentences from the world of the Bible one of the most important of the Jubilee events. He lauded that there were dedicated people in Immanuel Home, Debrecen, who managed to sum up life in 30 sentences, and thanks to them, “we can take and read the Bible accessibly”.
Pál Szekeres, State Commissioner of tasks related to the social inclusion of disabled people speaking from a wheelchair himself among wheelchair-bound children, that he had an accident and had to start using a wheelchair an 1991, when Immanuel Home, Debrecen was founded. “We lived the last 26 years together”, he said, and thanked the employees of the Home for their work towards “my fellow disabled children living a nice, full life”.

He called the publishing of the ‘Take it and Read’ publication the third station after Bible printing and the Hungarian-language Bible, that is “a beautiful message to everyone”.
Lajos Aáry-Tamás, State Commissioner for Educational Rights lauded the policy of Immánuel Home. As he said, it is “one of the best measures he knows in education”, and he had introduced it to the law students of multiple universities. He called ‘Take it and Read’, published with the aid of the Reformation Memorial Committee a special work that helps us become better.
Károly Fekete Tiszántúl area Protestant bishop said the publication helps us letting everyone understand the essence of the Scripture based on “simple sentence Confession”. On the occasion of the book launch, the residents of Immanuel Home and School performed a short musical show, as well.

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MTI, 8 June 2017, Thursday, 15:15