9-12. February 2017.

The Reformation 500 Film Days will take place in the Urania National Film Theatre between the 9th and 12th of February 2017 in the joint organisation of the Reformation Memorial Committee and the Film Theatre. The films being featured, many of which are presented for the first time in Hungary, highlight the Reformation that started 500 years ago, and its effects that are felt to this day, using the medium of cinema.

What were the events that shook Christian Europe in the 16th century? What happened in Wittenberg in October 1517, and what would happen as its consequence in the neighbouring countries in the following years? Who and what kind of personalities were Martin Luther, John Knox, Michael Servetus, and John Calvin, and how does posterity remember them? The Film Days would like to answer these questions in a quality cinematographic event that showcases both feature films and documentaries about the Reformation.

The distant past is only accessible today through media: books, films, works of art, and the stories they portray – these narratives shape our ideas of history and our relationship with the past. Ever since moving pictures had appeared in the late 19th century, the medium of cinema became an important carrier of our cultural memory. The organisers of the Reformation 500 Film Days examine how films portray the events and characters of the Reformation, how the viewpoint and ethics of Protestantism appear on screen, and what were the most important innovations of Reformation as a change of perspective in religious and social life.

The film selection of the four-day event ranges from cinema history rarities through productions featuring popular stars to situational documentaries. Guests will accompany some of the screenings: creators, theologians, film experts and public figures will speak before and after the films. Children and families will enjoy the show of Péter Levente, a Luther board game, and animation screenings. There is a registration ticket for the programmes, available at the Film Theatre and on its website, for a symbolic price of 500 HUF.

More information on Urania’s website.