A press conference was held in Jánosi on the 24th of January about a special programme concerning the 500th jubilee year of Reformation by the Protestant Church of Kárpátalja (KRE). The name of the project: The Children of Reformation, the main goal of which is to encourage people to have children. The programme was backed with HUF 5 500 000 by the Reformation Memorial Committee.

The press conference started with the benediction of KRE bishop Sándor Zán Fábián, who underlined that they wish to cry to God using the ‘Children of Reformation’ programme for “… blessing and protection, as there is a promise in our cry. God gives these promises to people who cry out to Him. We said that what we need for this programme is to start praying for the programme, for children to be born. May the people who live here receive the gift of childbirth. No cry for help, no turning to God will be in vain, if we do it with trust in God and faith“, said the bishop.

At the event, the Children of the Reformation programme was also introduced, the goal of which is to make sure there will be people in the future to carry on the heritage of the Reformation. One of the main drivers is having children, being blessed with children, so we encourage Protestant communities to form prayer groups, in which we would like to make the importance of having children an important topic.

Endre Szalipszki, Hungarian Consul General of Beregszász was also present at the press conference, expressing his gratitude that the Hungarian government can also support this initiative, that’s also important for national issues. As the Consul General said: “The Reformation from 500 years ago and the ideas that live on became a real Hungarian national cause. Today, on this joyful event, we have to feel unity, as this is about the future, the children to be born, for whom all of us, who signed these agreements, will work with our best strength and greatest effort.”

The guideline of the Children of the Reformation programme in 2017 is: “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward” Psalm 127:3
Civil society and ecclesiastical organisations and press representatives also appeared at the event. The KRE also signed a declaration with the present leaders declaring that this year they will use their own forums to promote the Children of the Reformation programme as a priority project.

Author: Enikő Váradi – Karpatalja.net